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Geothermal Technology for €conomic Cooling and Heating

Start date: 01.05.2015

Duration: 48 months

Coordinator: Solintel

Budget: 9.02 M€


GEOTeCH project aims to stimulate and promote greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal GSHP systems through advancement of innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies that are significantly more cost-effective, affordable and efficient than current technology.The proposed GEOTeCH project intends not only to develop and innovate drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies but also develop system solutions that make the best use of hybrid heat pump and control technologies so that efficient replicable “plug and play” whole systems can be offered to the housing and small building market sectors. A slightly different approach is to be taken regarding the large tertiary building sector. In this market a key means to innovation and widening application of GSHPs is by improving the uptake of foundation heat exchanger technology through better design, robust control systems, optimal hybridization and integration as well as improved life-cycle cost effectiveness.

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