Project details



Highly innovative building control tools tackling the energy performance GAP

Start date: 01.09.2015

Duration: 48 months

Coordinator: NOBATEK/INEF4

Budget: 7.9 M€


Measurement campaigns have shown major discrepancies in buildings energy performance between planned energy demand and real energy consumption, while nowadays most of the newly constructed offices buildings are equipped with BMS systems, integrating a more or less extended measurement layer providing large amounts of data. Their integration in the building management sector offers an improvement capability of 22 % as some studies demonstrate.

The HIT2GAP project will develop a new generation of building monitoring and control tools based on advanced data treatment techniques allowing new approaches to assess building energy performance data, getting a better understanding of building’s behaviour and hence a better performance. From a strong research layer on data, HIT2GAP will build on existing measurement and control tools that will be embedded into a new software platform for performance optimization. The solution will be:

  • Fully modular: able to integrate several types and generations of data treatment modules (different algorithms) and data display solutions, following a plug and play approach
  • Integrating data mining for knowledge discovery (DMKD) as a core technique for buildings’ behaviour assessment and understanding

The HIT2GAP solution will be applied as a novel intelligent layer offering new capability of the existing BMS systems and offering the management stakeholders opportunities for services with a novel added value. Applying the solutions to groups of buildings will also allow to test energy demand vs. local production management modules. This will be tested in various pilot sites across Europe. HIT2GAP work will be realized with a permanent concern about market exploitation of the solutions developed within the project, with specific partnerships about business integration of the tools in the activity of key energy services partners of the consortium.

List of achievements

The HIT2GAP project has developed a new generation of building monitoring and control tools based on advanced data treatment techniques allowing new approaches to reduce the energy performance gap. HIT2GAP solution builds on existing measurement and control services that are embedded into a new open source software platform for performance optimization called BEMServer (

The project results are available on CORDIS website.


Contact person: Pascale Brassier