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Improving Building Information Modelling by Realtime Tracing of Construction Processes

Start date: 01.09.2020

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: SINTEF Manufacturing AS

Budget: 5.59 M€


The construction industry sector creates 18 million direct jobs and contributes to 9 % of Europe's GDP, driving economic growth. However it also accounts for social, climate and energy challenges. The EU-funded BIMprove project will connect people, technology and processes to move beyond building information modelling (BIM), improving efficiency and outcomes in building and construction planning and operations with digital twin technology. BIMprove will develop a comprehensive end-to-end digital thread that can continuously identify deviations and update the digital twin accordingly. Construction companies can use real-time data to plan the fine-tuned allocation of resources, flow of people and safety of employees.

BIMprove has the ambition to revolutionize the stagnant European construction industry and solve long-standing problems such as decreasing productivity, dangerous environment for workers, negative environmental impact and budget misalignment with real expenditures.

List of achievements

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Contact person: Gabor Sziebig
Address: SINTEF Manufacturing AS


In progress