Project details



Innovative pre-fabricated components including different construction and demolition Waste materials reducing building Energy consumption and minimising Environmental impacts

Start date: 01.10.2016

Duration: 48 months

Coordinator: CNR-ISAC

Budget: 3.36 M€


InnoWEE is a project that is looking for new innovative solutions within recycling Construction and Demolition Waste. Hence new way of recycling and also new geopolymer technology formulation is being investigated in terms of economic feasibility, performance and technological advancement.

The main objective of InnoWEE is the recovery, disassembling and selection of CDW to yield suitable raw materials and development of new high performance prefabricated versatile geopolymeric panels. InnoWEE project focuses on the production of innovative ETICs product, with low on-site labour requirement, low material cost, and a better durability and easier dismantling than conventional ETICs. InnoWEE focuses on two products: firstly, ventilated façade cladding panels are lightweight and robust, more eco-friendly than concrete or stone panels and also aesthetically appealing. The ability of geopolymers to replicate fine details from the moulds and their versatility to incorporate different minerals will allow to produce high quality surface textures/finishes, avoiding also the need for costly on site finishing. Secondly, radiating panels are more highly radiating efficient and eco-friendlier than gypsum plasterboard commercial cladding panels. Those two products both use the technology of geopolymers.

To verify the performance of the panels, InnoWEE will be installing them first in a pilot and will then implement them in 3 real demo sites. The aim is to model the real and “virtual” demo sites with different climate to obtain different scenarios.  After laboratory testing, the panels will be tested on different demonstration sites in Italy, Belgium, Greece and Romania. This will take into consideration different environmental conditions and energy demands. Hence, the final result will be more reliable in terms of testing in reality. Another approach for demonstration is to apply the technology at Virtual Case Study that takes into account historical building in the same locations as Real Case Studies.

Finally, the objective consists in developing realistic performant and cost-efficient solutions with innovative products for new and existing buildings thereby creating new business and real estate development opportunities. This will be done through the introduction and incisiveness of the new materials and solutions in the markets. These products will go beyond the state-of -the-art and are feasible to apply in buildings, obtaining energy efficient parameters.

List of achievements

The final video of the project is available on Youtube.


Contact person: Adriana Benardi
Address: CNR-ISAC, Padova, Italy