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Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2

Start date: 01.12.2019

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: Hitachi Rail STS

Budget: 10.24 M€


This project represents the continuation of the work initially carried out through the In2Rail “lighthouse project” and mainly through the work of the IN2SMART project. These projects form together part of the framework of research and innovation that will deliver the vision and strategy of Innovation Programme 3.

There is a demand for a step change in asset management to be delivered through innovative technologies, new economic possibilities, and enhanced legislative standards in the rail sector. As set-out in the S2R Multi-Annual Action Plan, the Intelligent Asset Maintenance Pillar is a driver to deliver innovative asset management, meeting the best practice set out in ISO55000 in the railway sector. The Intelligent Asset Management Pillar is an accelerator creating new and optimised strategies, frameworks, processes and methodologies, tools, products and systems for the implementation of a step change in risk based, prescriptive and holistic asset management in the rail sector.

A series of vertical TRL 6/7 demonstrators, covering all Asset Maintenance Pillar aspects, such as data collection (TD3.7), data analytics and interfaces (TD3.6), decision support and lean working methods (TD3.8), will be defined and demonstrated in relevant environment, spreading the innovation results throughout European main railway and metro/tram lines. The demonstrator’s scope of work in the majority of cases will be on asset management optimization at tactical and operational levels, with a few examples of strategical ones. Innovation potential of aspects such as the utilization of a digital twin and robotic automated platforms will also be investigated in some demonstrators.

Coherence and uniformity will be guaranteed through a common system architecture and Conceptual Data Model usage, common validation approach and final integrated demonstrator, enabling a common monitoring solution collecting heterogeneous inputs from various vertical demonstrators.

List of achievements

Project results and publications available here.


Contact person: Carlo Crovetto
Address: Hitachi Rail STS