Project details



MOBile and Innovative Circularity for CONstruction PROducts

Start date: 01.12.2022

Duration: 60 months

Coordinator: Glavbolgarstroy Holding AD

Budget: 12.97 M€


The MOBICCON-PRO project will develop, introduce and demonstrate integrated innovative circular solutions to recover resources from construction and demolition waste (CDW) and decrease consumption of raw construction materials by applying in-situ selective separation/demolition, novel CDW  recycling and production of recycled and innovative construction materials, components and products.

The project will validate innovative technical, business, consumption and social models for CDW management to enhance the viability of the circular economy concept by:

  • prototyping innovative equipment and mobile technical solutions to ensure high quality of recycled materials and products
  • developing promising LCA/LCC tools, digitalizing the CDW and recycled products management, and
  • applying innovative construction material and products at demonstration sites. Their viability and sustainability shall be tested to adjust and validate the business model prior to its replication.

List of achievements

More information about the project activities here.


Contact person: Plamena Nenkova
Address: Glavbolgarstroy Holding AD