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Modular Big Data Applications for Holistic Energy Services in Buildings

Start date: 01.10.2020

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica

Budget: 4.58 M€


With buildings accounting for nearly 40% of EU energy consumption, the building sector should play a key role in effective climate policy. The constantly increasing momentum of big data and their related technologies constitutes an unprecedented market opportunity for improving the energy efficiency along the building sector and its lifecycle and for better managing energy consumption and generation at building level. More and more data are being generated within buildings nowadays, due to the increasing adoption of leading-edge technologies hence contributing to move forward towards a smart building landscape.

Unlocking Big Data for Energy-Efficient Building Management and Policy Making. MATRYCS elevates building energy management to a new level through improved building data processing, analysis and aggregation. The project tests new ways of building data collection, connects data sets from different platforms for Big Data analytics, and makes them accessible and visually appealing to decision makers.

List of achievements

Access the project results here.

More info on the MATRYCS Toolbox here.


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Address: ENGINEERING Ingegneria Informatica


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