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Most easy, efficient and low cost geothermal systems for retrofitting civil and historical buildings

Start date: 01.04.2018

Duration: 48 months (+ extension of 20 months)

Coordinator: CNR-ISAC

Budget: 8.14 M€


The project aims to develop innovative solutions in the field of geothermal energy that is aimed at retrofitting historic buildings, in particular located in historic centers with narrow spaces and difficult to implement if not with advanced innovative technologies.

The main goal of GEO4CIVHIC is to develop and demonstrate easier to install and more efficient GSHEs, using innovative compact drilling machines tailored for the built environment & developing or adapting HPs and other hybrid solutions in combination with RES for retrofits through a holistic engineering and controls approach improving the return of investments.

GEO4CIVHIC’s target is to accelerate the deployment of shallow geothermal systems for heating and cooling in retrofitting existing and historical buildings. It is based on innovative solutions investigated by an international expert group of companies and research centres.

List of achievements

The project publications are available here.


Contact person: Adriana Bernardi
Address: National Research Council - Institut of Amospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC)


In progress