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Resource efficient cities implementing advanced smart city solutions

Start date: 01.12.2014

Duration: 60 months

Coordinator: COWI A/S

Budget: 33.34 M€


Based on thorough integrated climate planning, the READY project will demonstrate a Whole City Approach including:
1) Demo of a balanced and holistic approach towards affordable retrofitting of residential buildings and offices
2) Development and demo of new solutions for low-temp. district heating, components and management ICT systems
3) Development and demo of flexible combined grid balancing/energy storage solutions for buildings and RES systems including combined heat pumps for heating and cooling, electrical vehicles charging, new PVT systems and 2ndlife reuse of EV batteries in buildings
4) Resource and energy smart solutions for kitchens
5) Solutions for water efficiency and waste water energy recovery
6) Demo of new innovative industrial equipment for use of RES and integration of demand and supply, - based on business plans, and follow-up by promotion and dissemination activities

These measures will demonstrate how the demand of energy and particularly the needs for fossil fuels and release of CO2 can be considerably reduced to nearly zero, and show a sustainable way to go for other European cities.

Demonstration will take place in 2 cities; Aarhus (DK - 300,000 inhabitants), which is representative for north western parts of Europe and Växjö (SE - 83,000 inhabitants) representative for the Baltic Sea region. Both cities have a long standing technical experience and for years been frontrunners in respect of setting and carrying out ambitious climate and smart city polices. Kaunas (LT - 300,000 inhabitants) will take part as an observer city in order to bring in Eastern European experience with a most relevant context.

The project team consist of internationally well known industrial companies, energy supply companies, SME's, housing companies, universities, consultants and other organisations that formed the consortium to realise the project. All participants are devoted to improve RES integration in energy supply systems and housing standards towards nZEB.

List of achievements

Publications available on CORDIS website.


Contact person: Reto Hummelshøj
Address: COWI A/S, Denmark