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Smart elements for sustainable building envelopes

Start date: 01.08.2013

Duration: 42 months

Coordinator: CBI

Budget: 4.9 M€


Smart elements for sustainable building envelopes

There is a vastly growing demand for increased energy efficiency, safety and improved health of the buildings we live and work in. These demands need to be addressed by a mostly SME oriented building industry, which traditionally responds sluggish to technological advancement. This is partially due to restrictive building codes, which all too often delay new developments but also because the cost and time pressure on the building sector gives SMEs not much room for technological development and the implementation of innovation.

The SESBE consortium, consisting of three SMEs, four industrial and five research partners, addresses this and will provide new solutions for lightweight, energy efficient and safe façade elements. For the first time nanomaterials and nanotechnology are suggested for this type of application. It will be used as a tool to custom design functional and performance properties of façade sandwich elements for new constructions and half elements for refurbishment of existing buildings as well as a new type of sealing tape and intumescent coating for fire protection.

It is highly expected, the new solutions will have a significant impact on the building sector, not only commercially and societal but also giving impulses to SMEs to invest more in innovation and to partner-up with competent research partners whenever possible. This approach could be a role model for the partnership of research, industry and SMEs in achieving the mutual goal of making housing sustainable, energy efficient, affordable, safe and healthy.

List of achievements

Results available on the project website and CORDIS.


Contact person: Urs Mueller
Address: CBI