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Towards a more automated and optimised maintenance, renewal and upgrade of roads by means of robotised technologies and intelligent decision support tools

Start date: 01.05.2021

Duration: 42 months

Coordinator: CEMOSA

Budget: 5 M€


OMICRON will develop and validate a broad portfolio of technologies which will be integrated in an Intelligent Road Asset Management Platform so as to automate, robotise and optimise road inspection, maintenance and upgrade. The Intelligent Platform will be based on four points: 1) Digital inspection technologies; 2) a BIMoriented Digital Twin (DT) for road infrastructures; 3) a Decision Support Tool (DST) for predictive maintenance; and 4) Smart robotic and automation technologies for construction, maintenance and retrofitting processes.

The digitalisation, automation and robotisation of technologies in the different aspects of road asset management with OMICRON’s platform will improve the condition state, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the infrastructure as well as the levels of safety of road workers and users, which will have a positive impact in the capacity of the European road infrastructure, as the developments will be validated in representative CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) corridors.

List of achievements

The project solutions can be found here.


Contact person: José Solís Hernández (coordinator)
Address: CEMOSA


In progress