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21. Built Environment Decarbonisation  
About ECTP ECTP was launched by the construction sector in October 2004 to develop new R&D&I strategies to improve competitiveness, meet societal needs and take up environmental challenges.…  
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Industry Members Research Organisations SMEs Other Organisations This map is displaying large number of markers(pins). Too many markers on the map cause both visual…  
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26. About Us  
The built environment contributes significantly to energy and resource consumption, accounting for 50% of all extracted materials, 30% of water usage, 40% of energy consumption, and 36% of CO2…  
29. Publications  
Position Papers / SRIA ECTP Built for Life (B4L) Committee Position Paper (June 2022 - Update September 2022) ECTP Digital Built Environment (DBE) Committee Position Paper (June 2022) ECTP…  
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The EeB geo cluster platform allows to collect data from R&I collaborative projects and presents them in a dynamic format. It is a tool to different stakeholders for accessing classified and…  
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