Project details



RElevant Audience Plan Leading to Awareness Network for CIrcular Economy Use of Recycled TYre materials in city LIFE

Start date: 01.01.2022

Duration: 42 months

Coordinator: European Tyre Recycling Association

Budget: 2.64 M€


The main objective of RE-PLAN CITY LIFE is to raise awareness of the use of RTMs (Recycled Tyre Materials) among relevant stakeholders (e.g. technicians of public administrations, policymakers), to promote the increased use of RTMs in buildings, infrastructure and urban areas.

The project team will:

  • Expand visibility of the significant work done with RTMs, making knowledge and relevant information available through a web application;
  • Implement and promote Green Public Procurement (GPP) in collaboration with companies and public administrations, define tender specifications to create opportunities for recycling companies to expand environmentally-sound markets, and make available to procurers an easy and reliable verification of green requirements;
  • Implement practical initiatives to develop the circular economy principles for RTMs and their applications in the urban environment.

The project contributes to the implementation of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, Waste Framework Directive, and other policies related to waste management and resource use efficiency.

List of achievements

Expected results:

  • GPP Guidelines for RTMs prepared and presented to 800 EU public administrations, with at least 200 administrations adopting them. At least 3 procurement cases per participating country implemented (France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia);
  • Circular Economy RTM Plan developed that identifies solutions, incentives, tools (also for the web portal) and benefits for the entire value chain derived by using RTMs;
  • A programme of Awareness and Training Workshops to create awareness about the uses of RTMs, the implementation of GPP, and how to develop and provide hands-on training sessions, with at least 400 technicians/year involved;
  • Data collected and analysed, in addition to the Community Data Base and the RTMs Product and Application Inventory, organised in a web-based application and other ICT tools;
  • Increased material recycling by 1% annually (around 32 000 tonnes) for at least 5 years.


Contact person: Miquel Morata
Address: COMSA, Av. Roma 25-27, 08029 Barcelona, Spain