Project details



Roadmap enabling vision and strategy in ICT-enabled energy efficiency

Start date: 01.02.2010

Duration: 29 months

Coordinator: Loughborough University

Budget: 1.8 M€


REViSITE will contribute to the formation of a European multidisciplinary 'ICT for energy-efficiency' research community by bringing together the ICT community and 4 important and complementary application sectors: grids, building/construction, manufacturing and lighting.The objectives of REViSITE are to: (1) Establish communication between sectoral ICT4EE communities in the 4 key industrial domains; (2) Develop causal model on the impacts of ICT on energy efficiency and apply this methodology for identifying high-impact RTD priorities; (3) Develop a cross-sectoral RTD roadmap by identifying and harmonising common topics; (4) Promote interoperability and standards; (5) Awareness raising.The main activities of the workplan are: (1) Community consolidation; (2) Identification of RTD priorities based on impact assessment; (3) Multi-disciplinary RTD roadmap for ICT-enabled energy efficiency; (4) Dissemination and awareness-raising.The consortium consists of 7 patners from 7 countries with wide geographic coverage of EU. Participants are active players in the 4 domains and the related European Technology Platforms, notably: Artemis, ECTP, ManuFuture, Photonics21 and SmartGrids.Through dissemination and awareness-raising activities, REViSITE aims at creating the following impacts: (1) Multidiciplinary European ICT4EE community;(2) Rational selection of priorities for RTD on ICT4EE;(3) European ICT4EE research agenda;(4) Convergence of ICT standards across sectors;(5) ICT4EE as a cross-discipline path in education and training.

List of achievements

REViSITE has achieved a cross sectoral community with over 100 experts in the four sectors; the SMARTT Taxonomy comprising six high-level categories and 23 sub-categories covering the scope of the ICT4EE domain; six 'roadmap' tables aligned to the SMARTT (sub) categories; IAP which is focused on identifying potential call themes/text and stakeholder specific actions; recommendations for Standards.

The REViSITE project videos can be found here.


Contact person: Tarek Hassan
Address: Loughborough University