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Sustainable energy management for underground stations

Start date: 01.10.2011

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: COFELY Italia SPA

Budget: 4.15 M€


SEAM4US concerns metro stations. This apparently unusual and marginal domain provides, on the contrary, a number of unique features that foster the development of advanced ICT solutions, which can then be seamlessly applied to over ground public spaces as well.

The SEAM4US pilot has been implemented into the Passeig De Gracia old metro station in Barcelona. The main SEAM4US project outcomes can be summarised in the following points.

1. Design and development of an advanced energy management system prototype for metro stations involving model based control of forced ventilation, lighting and passenger transfer systems.

2. Design and development of a pilot of the SEAM4US system and deployment in the Passeig De Gracia metro station in Barcelona.

3. Validation of the system’s performance and impact, posing special attention to criticalities related to the application of new ICT technologies in large organizations and in old technological contexts.

4. Development of a Decision Support System for the estimating the cost/benefit ratio concerning the application of the SEAM4US technology in other metro stations.

The Passeig De Gracia pilot concerns the control of the forced ventilation, of the lighting and of the passenger transfer systems. Systems are controlled by a model predictive approach. Saving rates are summarised in the following points:

  • The measured saving rate concerning the lighting system is 24.1% ± 1.9%.
  • The measured saving rate for the forced ventilation system is 35.3% ± 3.1%.
  • The estimated saving rate for the passenger transfer system is 8.5% ± 1.9%.

List of achievements

Publications available on CORDIS.


Contact person: Giovanni Pescatori
Address: COFELY Italia SPA