Project details



Energy management and decision support systems for energy positive neighbourhoods

Start date: 01.10.2012

Duration: 36 months

Coordinator: VTT

Budget: 4.1 M€


EEPOS focuses on neighbourhood energy management and decision support systems that will integrate local consumers & producers (prosumers) with the main electrical and heating grids. The objectives are to develop:
• Visionary scenarios and business models for neighbourhood energy services for energy trading between prosumers in neighbourhoods and the grid.
• Management systems for energy positive neighbourhoods.
• Information and decision support system for optimising the use of energy beyond the buildings.
• Methods for end-user engagement and interfaces to support them with relevant information.
• Validation in real environments and virtual simulations.

The expected progress beyond the state-of-the-art includes e.g.:
• New business models and services.
• Neighbourhood level energy management system with open interfaces to the grids and local prosumers.
• Tools for engagement and motivation of users tool utilising new approaches like gaming, social networking, crowd sourcing etc.
• Simulation based evaluations of alternative energy efficiency strategies.

The S/T methodology is to:
• Identify business models and ICT requirements for supporting energy positive neighbourhoods.
• Develop and integrate energy management and decision support systems between three levels: grids, neighbourhoods and local prosumers.
• Validate the systems in real environments and complementary virtual simulations.

The consortium includes 8 academic, industrial and public organisations from 4 countries in different EU climate zones. They combine unique expertise in building services, building management systems, energy efficiency services, end-user needs and interfaces, renewable energy systems, monitoring and energy efficiency focused productivity tools. The consortium will engage with relevant stakeholders in an early stage of the projects in order to ensure acceptability and impact of the results, and disseminate its findings to them.

List of achievements

The project results are available on CORDIS website here.


Contact person: Esa Nÿkanen
Address: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland